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BakeMate – The Best Biscuit Manufacturers in India

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Biscuits are the most prominent baked food consumed throughout the world for their nutritional value, by using authentic ingredients, classic flavors, finest quality, and much more. In most of the countries, you can find several hundreds of biscuits and cookies out there, ranging from exotic flavors to different shapes, and chewy in texture to amazing sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a delicious tea-time biscuits rich cookie for any special occasion, BakeMate is the largest biscuits manufacturer in India, making fresh biscuits, cookies, and wafers that are the perfect addition to a bitesize treat at any time of day.

Celebrate your special moments with your favorite premium chocolate brand BakeMate, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

BakeMate Biscuits

Glucose biscuits, Nice ATC, Marie Top, Kreme-e, Arino-ATC Vanilla flavored Cream biscuit, HipHop, Salz, Butter Cookies Tins, Xtacy choco center filled cookies, Short Bread-Special Butter Cookies, Digestive Cookies, Mini Crackers, Bourbon, and Milk Crunch.

`The Top 5 BakeMate Biscuits

  • Digestive Cookies
  • Butter Cookies
  • Bourbon Biscuits
  • Shortbread Butter Cookies
  • Salz-Salted Biscuits

Digestive Cookies

Experience a mouth-watering surprise on each bite of BakeMate Digestive cookies, which enriches your high-energy levels, and makes everyone proactive with more nutritious, Vitamins, minerals, omega 3, and fiber. Just sit back and indulge your senses with each decadent bite of BakeMate Digestive Biscuits. Healthy Digestive Biscuits are packed with the richness of finest ingredients, Whole wheat, and bran.

Product: BakeMate Digestive Cookies

Butter Cookies

If you’re seeking to explore something a little bit more innovative and special, our iconic product premium Butter Cookies are beautifully made with the finest ingredients like real butter, flour, and sugar. Delicious Butter Biscuits are the perfect addition for all occasions and festivals and enjoy the great taste of the best butter cookies in every bite.

Product: BakeMate Danish Butter Cookies

Bourbon Biscuits 

Pamper your taste buds with the original Bourbon biscuits that blended with the art of producing excellent chocolaty buttercream filling in between the two rectangular crunchy chocolate sandwich biscuits. Delicious Bourbon biscuits are beautifully decorated with sugar crystals.

BakeMate Bourbon Biscuits are considered as one of the favorite delightful treats for kids, who love to savour the smoothest and sweet chocolate craving.

Product: Bourbon Biscuits

Shortbread Butter Cookies

Shortbread Cookies is renowned as one of the most prominent traditional recipes, which is blended with pure butter, finest powdered sugar, and flour. These delicious Shortbread cookies are a perfect festive treat for all age groups that melt in your mouth easily. Each package of BakeMate Shortbread Cookies offers innovative packaging designs and makes an innovative gift to your loved ones.

Product: BakeMate Shortbread Butter Cookies


Dig into the tempting taste of BakeMate Salz to make your morning and evenings more special with your favorite tea-time snack. These delicious biscuits are prepared with premium-grade ingredients like ghee, salt, wheat flour, etc.

Product: BakeMate SALZ

Whether you are searching for top biscuit manufacturers in India or the largest biscuits suppliers in the world, BakeMate is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of biscuits that exporters to all major cities across the globe. For years, BakeMate Brand is one of India’s oldest existing companies for its different types of biscuit products.